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If there is nothing suitable in the Cakery portfolio that complements your special occasion we can create something unique just for you. Karen loves nothing more than creating a unique cake, however, to keep our standards to the very highest, Karen can only make a select number of bespoke cakes a year and are therefore subject to availability.

We require a minimum of 2 months notice and are strictly booked on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like us to quote for something of this nature please contact us with the date the cake is required for, if the date is available we can then make an appointment for an initial consultation where an outline design is discussed including theme, size, flavour and budget.

After this Karen will prepare a design proposal and fully costed quote ready for your approval. The price for a Karen’s Cakes bespoke design start from £150 for celebration cakes and £600 for wedding cakes. To give you a little inspiration and an idea of the quality of Karen’s work following pictures show examples of bespoke cakes made recently by the lady herself.


Tinkerbell's House

My inspiration for Tinkerbel’s house came from some little ornaments I’d seen on the internet that I loved the colours and the layers of texture they had, so I used that as my starting point for my design. The cake was for a 2nd birthday so I designed it with the view point of a small child in mind. I wanted her to feel she was looking through a woodland village along a path leading to rickety old steps up to the little fairies own front door.

Frozen Princess Palace

This grand design had to be as tall as I dare as I wanted this little girl’s dream ice palace to tower up to the sky but I have to remember it was all cake and my client had to transport it to the party without the use of a fork lift truck! The turrets and roofs, icicles and snow are all edible and the whole cake shimmed and sparkled, making it a truly magical cake.

London Skyline Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was for a lovely couple who were getting married in London. They brought in a picture of a design by Rosalind Millar which they absolutely loved and so did I but they didn't need such a large cake so I adapted the original design to suit their requirements.

3 Tier Masquerade Ball Cake

This glamorous cake was for a 30th birthday masquerade ball with a colour theme of black white and gold. The client and I had a joint Pintrest board which we added ideas and things that we liked and I then design the cake based on those ideas.
The mask and the 30th plaque are made from gum paste, the pearl drapes on the bottom tier and the gold pearls in the quilting are piped royal icing, so apart from the feathers everything is edible!

Beauty and the Beast Fairy Castle

Sometimes I make a cake that makes me want to be a little girl again and this was one of those times! It was a real stunner, the finished cake stood an impressive 2 feet tall and was displayed on a 20" board, it had 8 towers all topped with royal blue glittered roofs, pretty sugar blossom and lots of sparkle. Although this one was themed to beauty and the beast we could adapt the design any princess theme.

A very special Thanksgiving Turkey!

The brief was, “light hearted, not masses of cake, definately our vanilla Genoese cake, possibly a turkey”, the rest was up to me….fab, my kind of brief! The design was based on a drawing of a comical turkey I found, which I then translated into this 3d cake version. The whole thing is edible apart from the pole for the ‘Eat steak’ sign. The main body is cake, the neck and head were rice crispy cake and the feathers and sign made from pastillage.

Tattoo Wedding Cake

Sometimes less is more! The real star of this show is the hand painted replica of a tattoo but the thing that lets it shine is the uncluttered finish on the rest of the cake. Now don't be fooled into thinking that to execute this design was easy, it was not, coating a 5" deep cake with a sharp edge with a flawless finish take time and experience to pull off. It also takes nerves of steel to transfer and paint the 'tattoo' directly onto the icing, you get one chance to get it right!

Go Karting Cake

Who said Go-carting is just for boys! The bright but feminine colours on this cake make a strong statement, 'Girl Power!' .....but of course the boys could fight back and the colour scheme could be altered, for example change the purple and bright pink to red and deep blue.

Whiskey Barrel Cake

This one kind of speaks for itself, a cake in the shape of a whiskey barrel ? Everything is edible from the wood effect panels to the hand painted label and the finished cake was around 13" tall.

Mary Poppins Themed Cake

Apologies, this is not the completed cake ? My client sourced their own topper which they then added after the cake was collected. The Penguins and carousel horses were created using edible images mounted onto gum paste which creates a real sense of the Classic Disney film which the design is based on.

A contemporary classic 3 tier wedding cake

There's just something so elegant about this design, I think it's the combination of the soft fabric effect drape with the timeless romance of roses with trails of ivy and rose leafs. Although this wedding cake in not a truly bespoke cake as I've created it many times over, I hand craft the flowers from gum paste so can be made to match the flower type and colour theme of the wedding making it truly unique.

Love Struck 3 tier wedding cake

I named this design Love Stuck because I've always said royal icing is my first love and this design struck a cord in my heart from the moment it was created. From the coating to the hand piped roses its all royal icing, the only exception are the butterflies and pearl bead topper.

4 tier vintage style wedding cake

I designed this cake with a vintage theme in mind, I wanted it to be opulent and slightly over the top as well as pretty which is why I added the sugar peonies. The pearls are hand piped with royal icing directly onto the cake and then painted over with edible luster. The peonies and filler flowers are hand crafted from gum paste.

3tier Ombré wedding cake

Sometimes I just like to make something just for the sheer pleasure of it and this was one of those times ? I love to watch out for the latest trends especially when it comes to wedding cakes and ombré cakes kept appearing in my Pintrest news feed so it just had to be done! The bottom and middle tier are extra tall which means the overall shape is tall and thin rather than the more traditional short dumpy shape of years gone by. The ombré effect on the middle tier is all hand piped with royal icing as well as the lace effect on the top and bottom tier and the flowers are hand crated from gum paste.

3 tier pink and silver birthday cake

This 3 tier gorgeous cake was to celebrate a 13th birthday and believe me it was an absolute stunner! I am very fortunate to have some clients that give me a basic brief and a guide budget, they then leave the rest to me and this was one of those occasions. I have to say it certainly gets my heart pounding when I do the big reveal! It was all the little details that made it from the glossy patterned paper effect and baby pink damask ribbon on the bottom tier to the big draping bow over edible silver sequins on the top tier and for the final flourish a generous sprinkling of edible confetti hearts ?

The coolest Sea Turtle!

This has to be one of my favourite cakes of last year! The only thing was, it was (if you don't mind me bragging a little) a little spooky when it was finished as the eyes followed you around the room and I found myself saying "stop looking at me!"
Yes it was all edible, the shell was the cake part inside and the pattern was hand painted with food colour and then glazed with confectioners varnish and the head and flippers where modelled from fondant and hand painted.

007 rolls the dice!

This cake was pretty tall and very impressive, I think the man himself would have been shaken and stirred by its presence!
The celebration was for a lady so design something with a James Bond theme and still keeping it sophisticate and feminine was not easy but I think I pulled it off.

Vintage tea party

This was another one of these times when my client said "3 tiers with a vintage feel including pinks and duck egg blue" and this is the result.
The letter E on top is formed using sugar flowers and leaves with a posy on top to match. I've piped with royal icing tiny dots onto the bottom tier and a delicate piped trim around the top edges of each tier. It was all a very pretty design and perfect for the setting it was heading for.

Shark cage

Oh my this one was a real challenge from one of my regular clients who has complete faith in my ability to come up with the goods, which is a real complement but on this occasion I was flummoxed for a while! The brief went like this "We are take Ed shark diving for his birthday, it's a surprise and the cake is how we are going to tell him!" The shark bit was fine but portraying a diver in a cage was more difficult, how do you get that across in cake and icing! I loved the idea of adding a bit of humour to the design so thought of the shark inside the cage holding the diver made me giggle, once I had decided that the rest just fell in to place.

Monkey business

I don't do alot of hand modelled things these days, it just takes so long and with all the other things I have to do each day its someting I very rarly commite to but sometimes I just can't resist, especially when it involves cute animals.

Fox loving 100 year old!

It's always privileged to be asked to make a 100 birthday cake and this was a particularly special one. The gentleman in question had always loved foxes and the great out doors, so the brief was to incorporate those into the design together with a 100 topper. This was the result.

Glamourous 3 tier birthday cake

Each tier of this glamorous design was different, from the top tier - feathers and gold diamante number on topper, baby pink coating and pink diamonte effect ribbon. The second tier - A gold trim name plaque and large sugar lily. The bottom tier - gold sequins, paisley print, more pink diamante effect ribbon and a pink board with gold lettering. All the tiers have glitered heat confetti. The result is spectacularly glamorous!

Flower power

No this wasn't for me! It was for a Karen that loves flowers (I do as well) and there were all sort of here all made from icing or piped with royal icing. The finishing touches were the large poppy on top and a delicate butterfly.

The Walking Dead

Not my usual type of cake but non-the-less enjoyable to design and make!......although it has to be said there were times it made me feel a bit queasy, especially when I was splatting it with 'blood'.....ok it was red food colour, lol.
Designing as cake themed around a favourite show when you have never seen a single episode is a challenge but the visual images from this particular one are pretty graphic so that helped a lot basically dead zombie creatures and a lot of blood and guts!

First class chemist!

This made me smile! It was to celebrate gaining a first-class honours degree in chemistry, no mean feat! So the cake had to be equally as impressive but this particular client has a wicked (in a good way, the thanks giving turkey seen above was also one of his commissions) sense of humour, hence the slime splats from the test tube over the sugar version of Christopher. I loved the colours, so bright and vibrant, it was good to something for a boy that was a bit different.

Shopping frenzy!

Like 'Label addict' this was also based around a design that has been on Pintrest for a while and I also hope the original cake maker takes it as a compliment that I together with the client who commissioned it, wanted me to make a version of it.

A very grand affair

7 tiers, really 7 tiers!
Yes, this is by far the tallest cake i've ever made! Some tiers were not cake manly because of the weight issues but also the number of portions of cake that would provide were not needed. Even with-it being part 'mock' this wedding cake had to be delivered in 2 parts and assembled on site, a very nerve raking experience. I'm not a lover of last minute assembly and being outside of my comfort zone (in other words, my cake decorating studio) and I breathed a sigh of relieve when I stood back to look at the finish cake, it was pretty impressive if I say so myself!

1st Birthday polar fun

How cute is this? If it wasn't for the fact that I hate the cold and I mean I really hate the cold, I’d like to join the back of the que of penguins and dive in! But really, although I have lost a lot of the patients I once had to create models from icing, 40 odd years of professional cake decorating can take its toll you know! When the subject matter is as cute as this I kind of get over that and the next thing I know is I’m having a bit of a chat with my creations.....I suppose it’s one way of passing the time!