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Just Cupcakes with Glittered Decoration

From £17.95

These cupcakes are decorated with 2 different coloured icing disk with a contrasting glittered icing star, heart, balloon or butterfly decoration

They come in boxes of 9, 12 or 16 for the vanilla Genoese or Chocolate devil cake and in boxes of 12 or 16 for the Belgian chocolate , gluten/wheat free Belgian chocolate or gluten free vanilla

In addition we can write on two cupcakes per box for an extra £2.50 ( eg Happy Birthday on one cupcake and a name on the other )

We want to ensure that your cupcakes are as fresh as possible when you eat them so please note that if you choose to collect any time from 9.30 they will be baked the day before, if you choose to collect after 1.00 pm they will be baked that morning. If you are collecting Saturday ‘PM’, collection time is between 11.30 am to 1pm

To choose your colour scheme, decorations and collection time please use the drop down boxes in the “Order your Cake ” section.


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Lead time vanilla, chocolate devil and Belgian chocolate cake Minimum 4 working days
Lead time gluten/wheat free vanilla and gluten/wheat free Minimum 5 working days
Allergies and intolerancesSee FAQ
Food Safe GlitterFor removable decorations only
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Please note, Karen's Cakes has new collection days and hours. For more information visit our contact page.